Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From Whom All Blessings Flow

Greetings from Zimbabwe! We have passed the winter season and now the trees are coming out in full bloom. Spring has arrived. It has been a very exciting time here at Fairfield. Our last team for the season was here from Missouri for the last 2 weeks of July. They each came with different skills that really blessed our homes as well as the children and staff.
We had a veterinarian who helped make sure our goats were healthy so they can produce milk for the children. Together the team painted our rusty old container so that it now has a beautiful sun and mountain scene. One of the team members replaced all our broken windows, while others helped him to replace broken handles, electrical sockets and irons.
The entire team spent time forming relationships with our children and helped to fill in pages for their lifebooks so they have a book of memories and pictures from their childhood. Thank you to all the team members for all your hard work and love.
I was fortunate to have some of my best friends visit at different times recently as well. We had such a great time together.
For Kate and Christine, it was their first trip to Zimbabwe. It was a huge blessing to have them meet all the wonderful people who make up my family here. Gogo (grandmother) Lynn came next. The children always are so happy to see one of their official Fairfield grandmothers coming to visit them! My friend Melissa returned for her third visit to Fairfield.
The staff and children were so excited to see her again-especially 2 of our young boys who took their first trip to the airport in Harare to greet her when she arrived.

The children are now all back to school for the last term of the school year. Once again, we were blessed with enough funding to pay for all the fees in full. Sometimes I look at the figures and am amazed that God provides so abundantly to keep over 150 children in school each term between the Fairfield and HOPE children.

We do have one area of urgent need for the children’s home. World Food Program has been providing mealie-meal, our staple food, for many orphanages over the past few years. They have recently stopped this service, which means we will have to source funds for 600kgs of mealie-meal every month to feed our 76 children. At the moment, 600kgs costs $240 which will be very difficult for us to find every month. If any individual or group is able to donate $240 to provide food for one month, we would be greatly appreciative.
Any donation that comes in a multiple of $24 (48, 72, 96…240 etc) will be used in full to purchase mealie-meal for the children at Fairfield. Once we have enough for one year supply, the funds will next be used to purchase cooking oil, sugar, salt, and soap that the children need monthly.
Thank you so much for considering this form of assistance!

Wenyu Munashe,

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