Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Coming Soon!

Hello all, I am very excited about our next team who will be arriving on Sunday. They are coming from Missouri and bringing two of my best friends with them! We are hoping that they will not regret leaving the warm weather to visit us during our coldest month. Last week we received a cold front with frost killing our whole crop of tomatoes. The up side was that the children saw their first icicle hanging from one of our water hoses:)

I am hoping that some of the Missouri team will be able to help me with a very important task while they are here. It is time for our yearly sponsor letters to be written by each of the HOPE children and sent to their special sponsor along with an updated photo. If you are currently a sponsor, be looking for your letter to arrive sometime in August. Some of our HOPE children have moved far away, so if your letter arrives late it just means it took us a little more time make it to their home for a visit.
The Fairfield secretary, Linda, accompanied me to Vumbunu Primary School last week to start collecting some of the sponsor letters from our children. Vumbunu is located at the top of a mountain that can only be reached by a road filled with rocks and ditches. We had to do some careful maneuvering to arrive safely at the top! We were greeted by the new Headmaster (principal) and were asked to speak to one of the 7th grade classes while we waited for the HOPE children to be called from their classes to visit with us. The students wanted to learn all about America, asking questions like “what is our staple food?” and “what sports do we play?” My favorite question was from a boy who pointed to Linda and asked, “Is she your friend?” Linda is both my good friend and young sister here at Fairfield.
There have been a lot of road accidents in recent months here. Please pray for safe travels for the team as they start the long trip here, and for us to have safe travels as we begin the annual trek to each school and home of the HOPE children to get all the letters and photos. If you would consider sponsoring a HOPE child, we have many on our waiting list and would be happy to send you information about a child for you to pray for and support with their education.
Thank you as always for all your love and support-we are all doing well here…shivering at times, but healthy and happy due in no small part to you!
Wenyu Munashe,

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