Monday, October 24, 2011

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Many of the HOPE children have to walk long distances in order to get to school. I am often amazed at how many of them wake up before it is even light outside in order to walk over an hour just to receive a good education. We used to purchase new school shoes for each child once every two years. But when we went to visit the children in school, the HOPE staff often found that their shoes were threadbare after only one year of use.
For many of the children, the school shoes we give them are one of the only pairs of shoes they own. They also grow out of them very quickly until they reach their adult sizes. HOPE is now giving new black school shoes to each of the children once a year to ensure they have a safe and comfortable walk to school each day,no matter how far they have to go!
The school shoes were purchased last month and it has been a busy time driving to all the schools to make sure each child receives their new shoes. The children were so happy when they were able to try on sizes to see which fit best. Many were amazed at how much their feet had grown since their last pair!
Thank you to all the sponsors and other donors who make it possible for us to purchase everything the children need to succeed in their education. Please pray for the 7th graders and Form 4 children (11th grade) as they are taking their big year end exams over the next few weeks.

Also, a big thanks for those who donated toward mealie-meal at Fairfield Children’s Home last month. We received enough to last through at least next July! I really appreciate the support and the children thank you for their full stomachs:)
Wenyu Munashe,

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