Saturday, October 4, 2014

Since my last newsletter a lot has happened.  In August, I flew back to Zimbabwe for the month to check on the HOPE programs.  I was able to see many of the HOPE children as they came to show me their report cards from the end of second term.  They are all doing so well in school.  Our first University student, Samuel, has completed his education with top grades in mechanical engineering and is already on the job search.  His final project was selected first by the Ministry of Higher Education and he returned home with a gold medal! Congratulations Samuel.

Six of our students have just started their Grade 7 exams that last throughout October.  There are 12 additional students taking Form 4 and 6 (end of high school) exams this month.  Please pray that all their years of hard work will pay off and they can move on to University next year!
Just a few days before I left for Zimbabwe, I found out that I had been hired as the Director of Global and National Missions at Chapelwood United Methodist Church in Houston, TX.  I came home from Zimbabwe and had four days to finish the packing my mom had so generously started for me.  After driving my moving truck from WV to TX, getting an apartment and buying a car, I started work in mid-September.  In my position, I will be working to equip short-term teams that are sent to various mission projects around the world each year.  I will also have an opportunity to educate the congregation on God’s heart for missions and invite missionaries and local pastors we support to come share with our congregation as well.  A definite plus is that I will be using vacation time once a year to travel back to Zimbabwe and see my babies. 

Grace and Abby are growing and so joyful under the care of their loving house mother, Nyasha.  They are enjoying preschool, can count to 11, say most of their ABC’s and turned four on October 5th. We are able to talk on the phone once a week so I keep updated on their favorite songs!

Wenyu Munashe,


 Special Prayer Request:

One of our Fairfield children, Chris, was diagnosed with a brain tumor a few years ago.  He has had multiple scans and radiation, and many months of hospital stays.  Currently he is back in the hospital and his usually tiny, frail body has been bloated because of the medicines he receives.  His health has been going up and down.  Please pray for his full recovery and for Tambu, the house mother that has been staying with him at the hospital for up to 4 months at a time.  She cannot see her own family during this time and has to sleep on the hospital floor.  Prayers are appreciated for the entire situation.


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