Friday, September 13, 2013

St. James Children in their new school sweaters!

I want to start out with a big thank you to all of you who have contributed to the milk formula needed for our twenty babies.  It has made such a huge difference.  This is an ongoing need, so please remember us.   We continue to receive new babies each month, including a new baby born last month and brought to live at Fairfield as well as a 5 month old whose mother died last week and is living with relatives.  The milk program is providing these babies with milk formula and other nutritional foods until they reach 2 years of age.  Thank you to all who have helped!
All the older children are now back at school for their third and final term of the year.  Many of the students are getting ready to take their big end-of-school exams to complete either their elementary or high school training.  They have been studying hard, some waking up as early as 3AM to find quiet moments to study before all their brothers and sisters wake up to get ready for school each day.
Children receiving school supplies on the first day of school
We had a container arrive in August, thanks to Francie Markham from South Carolina and many who contributed items in the container.  Sweaters were sent for each of our school children as well as a special box of presents for each individual child at Fairfield, thanks to our friends at Mt. Pleasant Church in Mineral Wells, WV.  Thank you to everyone who participated.
It is hard to believe that Abigail and Grace will be three years old in a few weeks.  I have known them for 2 years!  They can now speak and sing in both Shona and English.  They continue to live at Fairfield Children’s Home and are well cared for and loved by the mother in their house, Nyasha, and all the other children in their home.  I am grateful that I get to spend time with them every day.
Eating dinner with Brother Wonder at House 8
Getting medicines from Mother Nyasha
My application for adoption was approved by the US in June.  It is now up to the Zimbabwe Social Welfare to continue the process, but there have been many issues arising.  I would very much appreciate prayers that God’s will be done in this situation and that He would ensure the best possible outcome for Abigail and Grace.  I will be sure to send further updates as they are available, but that is all I am able to share for now.  Prayers are greatly needed and appreciated. 
Thank you all for your continued support of the HOPE program.  Because of all of you, we are able to continue to care for 20 infants who would not have milk, 60 who would not have enough food to stay healthy, and 100 who would not be receiving an education.  Thanks to all!
Wenyu Munashe,
Grace playing at my house
Abby playing at my house

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