Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Twenty Babies

As HOPE has become better known in the community, we are having more and more infants referred to us by nearby clinics.  These babies no longer have a mother or their mother is not able to produce milk to feed her baby.  The babies are sometimes brought to us in desperate and immediate need of milk formula or cow milk in order to survive. 
Baby S (names omitted) entered our program a few months ago after her mother passed away unexpectedly.  Her sweet father brings her every week, carrying her on his back.  It is very rare for a Zimbabwean man to carry a baby in this way and just shows how much he truly loves his daughter. 
Our newest baby, Baby A, was brought early on a Monday morning when she was just three days old.  Her mother had died in childbirth and the relatives had been frantically searching for a way to feed the baby all weekend.
HOPE also has a set of triplets ready to graduate from the milk program in a few months.  Their mother was not able to produce enough milk to keep all three at a healthy weight.  With the supplemental milk they received from HOPE, all three boys are now running, playing and strong.  We will proudly and happily graduate three healthy boys in August when they reach two years of age.
Infants need 6 to 7 tins of milk formula each month until they reach one year of age, at which point we encourage relatives to find cow milk for the children.  We pay the cost of the cow milk, which is considerably cheaper than the milk formula.  Currently, HOPE is spending $600 per month on milk formula and cow milk. 
If you or a group you are a part of would be willing to raise funds to help offset the cost of milk for our babies, this assistance would be greatly appreciated.  We are constantly getting new babies at a higher rate than we are graduating them, so ongoing or one-time donations specifically for milk will always be a need high on our priority list. 
If you decide to assist with this need, please send donations to:
CornerStone International
PO Box 192
Wilmore, KY 40390
Memo: HOPE of Zim/milk

If you donate through Paypal by clicking the link to the right of this posting, just send me a quick email ( so that I know the funds are specifically for milk. 
Thank you in advance!
Wenyu Munashe,
Janine, Abigail and Grace


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