Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hello!  It is a chilly June here in Zimbabwe, which has really affected the crops in our gardens!  We have been blessed with lots of visiting teams and individuals in the last few weeks.  One group came from Tennessee and did crafts with all the Fairfield children.  They were also able to spend time with the 4 children some of the team members sponsor.   Two of the children are from Fairfield, so they were able visit both at school and home.  A third child has been reunified with his family members after living for the first few years at Fairfield.  He is now placed under the HOPE program, so the group traveled to his new school to visit and bring gifts of clothing and food.  The fourth child has been in the HOPE program since the very first year we started and has had the same couple sponsoring him throughout.  It was very exciting to see them finally get to meet Clopas, who they have been so faithful in sponsoring for so many years.   
The three college students staying with us from Mississippi have been so helpful.  Our preschool teacher was able to take a week off while the girls played with the children each morning.  They are also starting to update the lifebooks for each child so that when they leave Fairfield someday, they will go with pictures and stories of their childhood at Fairfield.  We are happy to have Casey Edwards from South Carolina back with us for a few weeks as well.  The children love taking dance lessons with her each time she visits.
Grace and Abby are now going to crèche (our play center) every morning.  It seems every day they learn something new.  I found Abby climbing her way to the top of the slide last week and then sliding back down.  It is difficult to remove Grace from the swings when it is time to go home!  The girls had a great time at a church picnic a few days ago where they learned to kick and throw a ball.  They have been spoiled by the visitors who have brought toys and clothes for them.  I feel truly blessed to be their mother and am very excited that the six month waiting period as a foster parent is finished next month and we can start the adoption process!  I would appreciate your prayers over the next few months.
Hope you and yours are enjoying life J
Love, Janine, Grace, and Abigail

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