Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mississippi May

The children are now back to school for the second term of the year after a month-long holiday in April.  We were very happy with the first term results of our HOPE children.  Many of them were top of their class and received a special present from HOPE to congratulate them on their accomplishments.  HOPE staff tried to encourage them to continue working hard so that maybe one day they will move on to university!

This May, we were fortunate to have a team from University of Southern Mississippi come to work at Fairfield for the week.  Many of the students were returning for their second trip to Zimbabwe with their leader Patrick Hutto.  This year, the students assisted in laying a slab of concrete for a container that was donated last year.  They then built wood shelving to place inside the container, which will be moved onto the concrete slab.  This container will help Fairfield staff organize donations of clothing and food so that it can be easily accessed for the children.  With 77 kids, we go through a lot of clothing and food each year!
Three of the students, Katherine, Ann Marie and Charlsie, will continue their stay at Fairfield until the end of July.  The children are looking forward to spending time with them and having help in English and Math so that they can improve in school.

Grace and Abigail are now attending crèche (preschool) for a few hours each morning.  They can now walk on their own to devotions in the morning-although it takes us a while to get there!  They love Mrs. Matitsa, their preschool teacher who teaches them to jump, color and count to five.  We received a new baby at Fairfield last month and Abby and Grace both love to play with “nana” (baby) Ruvimbo who lives next door to us. 
Hope you all have a fantastic month of May!
Wenyu Munashe,

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