Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring has Arrived!

Happy Easter! Hope you have been enjoying time with family and/or friends. I just returned from a trip to South Carolina and Texas last week. I first drove a minivan to SC filled with items for a container that will be shipped to Zimbabwe soon. (I seem to remember promising myself that I would never drive a minivan, but these were extreme circumstances:)
My friend Francie raises funds each year to send a container the size of a truck bed over to different organizations and schools in Zimbabwe. This time, I was able to take a large supply of preschool games, books, and puzzles from my mom's classroom now that she has retired from teaching. Many of the rural preschools and elementary schools have no supplies, so I am very excited for these items to be distributed. Francie also found two donated wheelchairs that will be delivered to our HOPE
children with disabilities. One boy is 8 and his mother has to carry him on her back everywhere they go, so I know this will really help their family. Knitters from my home church sent a large box of sweaters for the children as well.
I had the opportunity to speak to Francie's Sunday School class before flying down to Houston, Texas. There I was able to visit with my friend Melissa, who lived at Fairfield with me for two different summers, and speak with her Bible Study group.
The Fairfield and HOPE children have finished their first term of school and will be on holiday break for the month of April. Thank you to each of our education sponsors who are making it possible for their HOPE child to remain in school. We still have 26 children waiting for a sponsor of their own, and 2 in boarding school who need an additional sponsor. If you or a group are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email me.
Still no news on the visa, but hopefully I will hear something soon!
Wenyu Munashe,

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