Wednesday, September 19, 2012

 We have officially started the third and last term of school year and it is much quieter at Fairfield during the days!  This past month was a true blessing with the Ream family visiting from my hometown in West Virginia.  They stayed for a full month with their three children.  This was the first time younger children have come to live with us at Fairfield.  The Fairfield children had so much fun studying, playing, doing Bible Study and watching movies with their new friends. 
The Ream family also supports 2 of our HOPE children in the education program.  They were able to spend a few days with them and take them on a special outing that included horseback riding and a stop at the best cake shop in Zimbabwe!  We were also able to travel together to meet one of their sponsor children’s relatives.  They were very helpful passing out food for the nutrition program and school supplies at each of the schools.  Our Vumbunu Primary School children now all have sponsors so we were able to purchase new school shoes and sweaters for them to finish out the year in style!
We attempted to drive my car to visit some of our HOPE children on the nutrition program in their homes.  Halfway to our destination, we realized there was no way the car could continue on the “road” and we had to turn back.  Luckily some of our babies came to visit us this month, including our mother of triplets.  She was carrying them all by herself-one on the back and one on each side.  I decided to no longer complain when carrying twins!
Grace and Abigail are growing, happy and healthy.  They love dancing and singing all day long.  Grace loves to look in the mirror every morning from many angles to ensure her outfit is beautiful enough.  She won’t leave the house without a bow in her hair and carries her stuffed animals around on her back wrapped in a towel.  Abby is my little tomboy.  She can be found running around with all the boys at the daycare center and hurling bouncy balls straight at my head.  She loves to dig in the mud with a stick and going fast-whether it is in her stroller or being spun around the room. 
The girls had their first ice cream party while the Ream family was here.  They ate all of their own ice cream and then moved on to finish what was left in everyone else’s bowls.  By the end the girls were even trying to eat right from the container.  Now I truly know these are my children!
My Mom, brother Josh and Aunt Nancy arrive this coming Sunday for a 2-week visit.  Abby and Grace are so excited to meet Mormor, Uncle Josh and Nan as they know them by the picture we keep next to a map of the world.  The bright purple jacaranda trees have made an appearance just in time for their visit and we are all looking forward to some family time together.
Wenyu Munashe,

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