Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy 2012!

Tsvingwe Primary students receive flip-flops (patter patters!)
Bonnie passing out school supplies
New uniforms!
It has been a very successful start to 2012!  Thirty new children have been added to the HOPE education program, giving us a total of 103 students.  It is our goal to have 150 children in school by the end of the year.  One major blessing was finding a sponsor for Samuel, our only HOPE student so far to attend university.  Samuel is just beginning his 3rd year in engineering and a sponsored has been secured to cover the remainder of his education!  We are hopeful that more students will follow in his footsteps in obtaining a college degree.
Mitchel and Faith with new dresses
New uniforms were distributed at the beginning of the school term, along with books and all other school supplies.  Thanks to Lerona United Methodist who mailed us enough flip flops to give out to all the HOPE children as well as the children at Fairfield.  Also a special thanks to the women of St. Paul’s United Methodist who sent pillowcase dresses.  All the little girls who received them were so excited to show off their brand new dresses!
Belinda receives a new dress!
It was great to have Dave and Bonnie Naas visiting Fairfield for most of January.  They have been friends of Fairfield and HOPE for many years.  “Uncle Dave” and “Aunt Bonnie” spent lots of time with Abigail and Grace.  The girls are now up to the right weight for their age and are so happy.  They can both stand holding onto the couch, so it won’t be long before mom will be busy chasing them as they run in opposite directions!  They are officially my foster children now, and we will next work on getting their birth certificates so that the adoption process can begin.
Excited about their new matching dresses
We are still enjoying the rainy season, with everything growing green and beautiful.  Thanks to all for your continued support and prayers as we begin the New Year.
Abby and Grace send a big hello to everyone!
Wenyu Munashe,

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