Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Zimbabwe! Cleopatra has found the 2 additional sponsors needed to go to boarding! The 7th grade results came out on Friday (the exams which determine what junior high and high school a child will be able to attend based on their grades) and Cleopatra, as expected, received very high marks. She was immediately accepted to Hartzell Secondary School which offers an excellent academic program.

Cleo was so excited to learn she was going to boarding school, and we even visited her grandmother (actually her great-grandmother!) to deliver the good news. We will be purchasing all her items for boarding this month and she will begin in January. Please pray that she does well in school.

We were also blessed with a special donation that helped us to buy Christmas dinner for all the HOPE families!

Below is a special Christmas message from all your friends in Zimbabwe. If you need a game to occupy your time during the holidays, you can locate the page number each of the following people are mentioned in the book “Dare to Love Completely”:)

Merry Christmas!
Love, Janine

Nyarai (who lives with me at Fairfield), Peter Mufute (Fairfield Administrator), Jane and Larry Kies (Missionaries at Africa University), Juliet Chimuka (mother at Fairfield), Rutendo (child at Fairfield), Cecilia Thobani Mabvumbe (Assistant Administrator), Linda Manhiri Nyatwa (Fairfield Secretary), Angela Mari Jeni (mother at Fairfield), Jayne (child at Fairfield), Tendai Munashe (child at Fairfield), Benji Mariga (HOPE child), me, Sylvia (child at Fairfield)


  1. As always, your blog rocks. So do you for all the work that you have done with the FAC group and for all of your organizing. Wow !! Francie

    PS Merry Christmas to all of you! We love you!

  2. amazing - how sweet and creative - we love you Janine Roberts - and are working on your Christmas Cards :) Bless you today - don't give up. You are doing so good.
    CornerStone and Kathy W :)

  3. I love all these pictures! So funny! Tell everyone hello for me. Just thinking how much I miss my friends in Zim. Will be keeping you in my prayers Janine