Monday, October 18, 2010

Container Blessings

Hello from Zimbabwe! We were excited this month to receive a container that was sent from South Carolina. Many of the boxes that came for HOPE were full of preschool supplies donated by my mom and her friends at First Presbyterian Preschool in West Virginia. All the supplies were divided up and are being distributed to 8 rural preschools in the area, as well as our preschool at Fairfield.
The children have been so happy to be able to play with the blocks, books, puzzles and other games that came especially for them. Also on the container were boxes of children’s clothing, mainly for the babies and younger children on the nutrition program. Every child received a bag of clothes and stuffed animal from their HOPE friends.

We have a new addition to the nutrition program this week. An aunt came with her small nephew, Tinashe in search of assistance. She received counseling on how to best care for the tiny baby, who is nearly 5 months old, but is the size of a newborn. Tinashe’s mother was not able to care for him or feed him, so the aunt had been feeding him only porridge since he was born (mixture of corn meal and water).
Thanks to donations that have been coming in, we added Tinashe and others in need to the nutrition program. He will be receiving milk every day, as well as peanut butter, eggs and bananas as he grows up.

The container carried a wheelchair that we gave to one of the children who has been on our program since she was still a baby. Chipo, who is now almost 6, has a disability and is unable to walk. Her grandmother works very hard to take care of her and provide for her. We are hoping that she will be able to find a place at a boarding school this coming January that can provide for her special needs.

It is an extremely hot October in Zimbabwe, but I have been enjoying the bright purple Jacaranda trees that have come out everywhere. I am looking forward to the rain that will hopefully be coming soon bringing even more flowers and flowering trees!
If you are in a place where the leaves are changing colors for fall, find a bright yellow one and enjoy it for me:)
Wenyu Munashe,


  1. We have a yellow one right outside our window! Now I can think of you each time I see it. : )

    Loved the photos and getting to see the kids with their goodies. : ) Happy day!

    -Amanda Fackler

  2. We love you Janine Roberts - Happy Birthday! I want to send you an acorn and leaf - but not sure if I will get that done:) don't give up. You are doing great.