Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Well, there have been some new developments over the last month. I went to immigration to turn in my papers for a work permit to stay in Zimbabwe. Last time, I was given permission to stay in the country while they processed the papers, but this time I am being asked to wait outside Zimbabwe after submitting the necessary papers to apply for a work permit. I am allowed to return once the permit is ready, which can take 6 weeks to 6 months.
A few friends in South Africa are trying to organize somewhere I can stay and volunteer working with orphans and vulnerable children while awaiting news about my permit in Zimbabwe. I will be in Zimbabwe until November 8, and will let you know when I find out where I will be while I wait.

We know that God's purposes are so much better than what we can imagine for ourselves. I am reminded of a very important lesson God taught me during the time I was back in the US. When we fast from food, each time we feel hunger pains, it acts as a reminder to turn our attention toward God. It brings us into a closer relationship with Him. When we break the fast and eat food again, we remember to be grateful for it. In the same way, being separated from friends or relatives (either through death or by distance) we are in a way fasting from those we love. When we feel grief pains or miss the person, that too can be a reminder to turn toward God. He will fill any hole that is present in our lives. When we are brought back together with those we love (on earth or in heaven) we will be all the more grateful to be with the person again after fasting from them. God will be with us while we wait.

Please pray that I would be able to fast from my children and friends in Zimbabwe with patience and grace until God chooses in His great wisdom and perfect timing to bring us back together. Pray that I would know the right place to go in the interim. Thank you!

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