Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dare to Love Completely!

Good news...Dare to Love Completely: A Memoir from Zimbabwe is now available! You can click the link on the right hand side of the blog to order from Amazon at any time. It is also available on the Barnes & Noble website. You can go to any bookstore and place an order by giving them the title and author.
Thanks to everyone who helped make this book possible. I hope you will enjoy it and be blessed by it.
Wenyu Munashe,


  1. Sorry I missed saying goodbye to you. : ( But I'll buy and read your book so I won't miss you so bad. : )

  2. This book is a wonderful story of struggle and victory. Everyone should read it. It is a perfect gift. Janine is a remarkable writer and her story needs to be heard and spread.

  3. Just finished Janine's book and shed tears for the ones Janine loved and lost. I'm handing the book to a friend at church tomorrow and know it will continue to be shared with everyone who met Janine when she last visited in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Nancy Case