Thursday, January 15, 2009

Waiting for the Rain

Hello from beautiful Zimbabwe! is raining, storming in fact, and I love it. I have been waiting for the rain:) Lynn and I arrived safely in the capital city of Harare last Friday and began our journey to Fairfield Children's Homes the next morning. Everything is so green with beautiful flowering trees everywhere. The feel of the soft, warm breeze and the smell of rain in the air that I remember so well were a perfect way to begin our trip, but the best was yet to come.
As we turned onto the mission road, McDonald, one of the children from Fairfield was walking toward us on the dirt path. We stopped the car and as soon as he saw me he came running and jumped into my arms so forcefully I was literally knocked to the ground!
We continued on to the children's homes. Mai Mari Jeni was the first one to see us. She dropped her hoe into the garden and came running with arms open wide...followed by every mother and child at after another after another. That must be what a welcome into heaven feels like...waves of love washing over you again and again and again. We sang and danced and I could see that all of our children here have grown big. Many of them are now young men and women and I am so proud of them.
We are managing this week with no electricity and no water in the homes. The children collect rain water in buckets for us each day when it rains. We are very fortunate that cholera has not arrived yet, but in other areas people are suffering.
The inflation finally hit an all time high of multiple billions to one US dollar last month, so everyone is using foreign currency now. People trying to get a ride to work or purchase food for their families have to use US money, but very few people have access to it, so they are forced to go without. How long can a country exist on someone else's money? Things here are extremely expensive now.
Please continue in prayer for Zimbabwe and the children. We are very happy here and God is continuing to bless each of us in the middle of the difficulties.


  1. This is such a great way to keep us informed. I love hearing your stories, so keep them coming! You're continually in my prayers.

  2. Love you, Janine...thinking about you and praying for you everyday. Thanks for keeping us posted!

  3. Glad you arrived not only safely, but with such a greeting of affirmation and love. I'm praying protection over you, Christ's power through you and His peace and joy in you.

  4. This blog address is going into St.Paul's newsletter. A much-needed communication form! !
    The AU Choir schedule is now firm: at annual conference June 11 to 14 followed by a nine city WV tour June 14 to 22, including a concert at St. Paul's on June 19th. Harold

  5. Excellent! the blog address is going into St. Paul's newsletter. The AU Choir schedule is now firm: June 11 - 14, at WV Conference, June 14 -
    19, nine city WV tour, including St. Paul's in Parkersburg on the 19th.

  6. Janine,
    helllooooo. i'm praying you are very busy and/or out of internet range, because i've grown concerned for you. i'm praying!