Monday, November 17, 2008

Hello everyone!

Plans are moving along for my trip to Zimbabwe in January. I will leave on the 8th and come back the first week of February. Please continue in prayer for the country. I have just received notice that the main hospital in Zimbabwe closed their doors and shut down because there are no medical supplies in the country and most doctors have left. The patients were all sent home. There has been a cholera outbreak in the capital city, Harare, because the drinking water is no longer safe. Many people have not had any water for over a week in their homes. Imagine not having water to drink, wash dishes, or flush the toilet for that long. This is all along with drought. The political sharing talks that were supposed to occur between the current president and the opposition leader have not worked so government is at a standstill.

Sounds hopeless, right? Good thing our God is big enough to overcome all of these tragic situations. Please pray that He will bring justice for His people in Zimbabwe. Remember God listens to the requests of His sons and daughters (that would be you:) If you ask Him for something He will be faithful to answer in His own timing (which is always best) and in His own way (which may be a solution we didn't think of). We can trust Him for an answer.

Wenyu Munashe,

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